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Awareness and personal growth: why are info

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How to earn a million rubles a month? How to visualize your desires? How to live a conscious life? All these and other questions can find an answer on social networks – with pseudo -class, psychologists and businessmen. In general, those who are commonly called information. What exactly they annoy us?

Awareness is a term from modern psychology, which means that a person learns to live Here and now, not returning to the past and not replying the present to the future. Great term if it did not sound from each iron.

So why is this word and people who use it, they are so annoying? Why are we generally annoyed by those who share knowledge about achieving

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a better life? There are three reasons for this.

1. Information noise

In the age when instagram (an extremist organization prohibited in Russia), everyone can become a guru and not a day passes so that a new marathon does not appear conscious life, Most people want to close their ears and finally stop hearing about streams, vibrations, son construction … To just live, just breathe, just be a person.

Here the basic comparison with the cake comes to mind: if you eat one piece, it will be tasty, and if a kilogram, then we will have a completely different reaction. Oversaturation and who exactly uses all these terms make them forbidden in a decent society.

2. Hypocrisy

I mean a situation where the picture does not coincide with the content. Когда «осознанные», «высоковибрационные» люди в обычной жизни ведут не тот образ жизни, что транслируют другим: употребляют алкоголь, ругаются матом, обсуждают соседку Оксану. But on Instagram (an extremist organization prohibited in Russia) they try to show themselves ideal than they are annoying.

Imagine the nurse Tamara at 6 in the morning gets up to work. Wakes a sleepy child, drags him on a sled in snowdrifts and already tired comes to work at the hospital by 8:00. Opens social networks, and there are happy people living at the expense of their stories about awareness, broadcast about Shavasana and tantric sex in the morning. It is not surprising that in a woman they cause not at all positive emotions.

Remember: modern reality is illusory, and the demonstration of its lifestyle as the only right is utopian. A truly conscious person will never urge everyone and everyone to choose his path. Direct and support – yes. But these words are not in trend now.

3. Substitution of concepts

I admit, it begins to shake me when a person justifies his delay in meeting with retrograde Mercury, a leap year or other phenomena that are not dependent on him. It would be better if he admitted that it is non -launched and does not know how to count time.

Admit it better that you are non -launched and do not know how to count time. Although it is much easier to dump everything on stars and other unscientific facts. However, the truth of life is that only responsibility leads to guaranteed results.

To imitate someone to have an absolutely identical life is destructive for our psyche. But working on yourself, getting education, reading, developing – useful and far -sighted. If you have embarked on this path, then among a million info -codes will surely find your mentor and motivator.

After all, truly conscious people are beautiful. They are comfortable with them, they are easy to rise and know how to appreciate others. It’s really easier to achieve a result with them. And they are unlikely to speculate their awareness.